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The Easiest Way to Stock up on Hygge This Fall: Mix and Match Cute Mugs

The ability to enjoy cold weather is largely formulaic. Subtract the frustration you feel walking around in freezing temperatures, and add, instead, some excitement about the excuse you now have to spend the day indoors. Add some veritably cozy blankets , a handful of lit candles (in autumnal scents, of course) and a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read. Add the softest sweater you own, some seriously fuzzy socks, and your choice of coffee, tea or hot cocoa.

And if you want to send this formula way over the edge, add a ton of cute mugs—so you have a fun choice to make every time you settle in to sip whatever hot beverage you’ve whipped up.

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I take this formula very seriously—so seriously, in fact, that I probably own upwards of 30 cute mugs. They double as a kitschy-chic display on my open kitchen shelves and triple as conversation starters; having friends over and letting them pick which mug they want to drink from often results in a smile or two (especially when someone opts for the “nasty woman” mug, or the retro one with sharks eating pizza on it, or the galaxy one that changes colors as you fill it with warm liquids).

My mug collection is like an art gallery of sorts—filled with practical ceramics, rather than traditional art. I love each piece individually. But when combined, they create a kind of hygge -filled paradise that makes my kitchen feel a little warmer—and colder seasons feel a lot more bearable.

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Ahead, you’ll find 27 cute mugs, which would function just as well together as they would separately. It doesn’t matter whether you buy one, a few or all 27—you’ll be well on your way to crafting a cozy mug collection of your own (and to pushing that cold weather formula toward the “enjoy” side of things).

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