The Best Candle for Every Zodiac Sign

Do you find that your zodiac sign is freakishly accurate when it comes to describing your personality? We feel you. And while we might not make all our life decisions based on our weekly horoscope, it’s sometimes nice to have an outside suggestion for what to try, do or see based on your personality type—or astrological sign.

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Candles are a good way to start. Whether you want one for mood lighting, to make your house feel nicer or just because they seem like they’re a grown-up thing to buy (and we need all the help adulting we can get), we did our best to pair unique candle scents with the zodiac sign they’re destined for. A black pepper candle for the spicy Aries? Yes. Sage for the earthy Capricorn? You bet.

And hey, we won’t hold it against you if you feel like all of these could be your favorites. After all, we contain multitudes, right?


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