Sad End: David Bowie Cremated, With No Memorial To Follow

Sad End: David Bowie Cremated, With No Memorial To Follow

David Bowie Dead Cremated

David Bowie will not have an over-the-top funeral like many other fallen stars: has learned that he has already been cremated, and his family is planning no memorial.

London’s Mirror newspaper reported Wednesday night that the deed had already been done, and that he had been cremated shortly after he died with no friends or relatives present.

Now, a source told the paper, “There is no

public or private service or a public memorial. There is nothing.”

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Bowie had made his wishes for a no-fuss departure clear to his inner circle in the months before his death from liver cancer. According to the paper, he wanted to “go without any fuss,” and wanted his loved ones to focus on the good times in the past.

“In many respects,” the insider said, “you don’t need a memorial service to remember David by … You have his music instead. … His last album, Blackstar, was very much his goodbye to fans.”

As Sassy Reign reported, Bowie died Sunday at age 69, after an 18-month battle with cancer.

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