Pay Up! Judge Orders Abby Lee To Shell Out $120,000 In Just 30 Days

Pay Up! Judge Orders Abby Lee To Shell Out $120,000 In Just 30 Days

Abby Lee Miller’s misery continues.

After being sentenced to a year and a day in prison for her fraud charges, she must pay the court $120,000 within 30 days.

The Dance Moms star, 50, was also ordered to pay a hefty fine after pleading guilty to not reporting an international monetary transaction and one count of concealing bankruptcy assets in June 2016.

The court imposed a fine of $40,000 to be paid within 30 days of the judgment being entered,” the documents obtained by Radar stated.


“No restitution was imposed. The court ordered defendant to pay a special assessment of $200, immediately due. The court ordered defendant to forfeit $120,000 to the United States, to be paid in full within thirty days of this judgment being entered.”

As Radar previously reported, Miller’s attorney says they “respect” the judge’s decision and will not appeal the sentence.

Miller’s Dance Moms’ enemy Jeanette Cota told Radar that she deserve s to be locked up.

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“Nobody wants to see anyone go to prison obviously,” Cota, 43, told Radar. “But we have to pay the price when we do something wrong. She did something wrong and now she has to pay for it.”

Miller famously fought with Cota when she cut her daughter Ava from the Junior Elite Competition Team in Season Four of the show.

Cota said the prison sentence is punishment for Miller treating her daughter and other students at the ALDC poorly, as she fired, “Karma is a b***h!”



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