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Literally Just 21 Photos of the Dreamiest Spa Bathrooms We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes time to decorate a new apartment, most people start with the living room, the bedroom or maybe even the kitchen (if it’s particularly pretty). But me, I always direct my focus toward the bathroom.

Though tiny and potentially dingy, the bathroom is where you spend a ton of your time. And if your go-to cure for a bad day is anything like mine, you value the rejuvenative power of a hot bath. Trust me when I say: Nothing ruins a spa-worthy bath like a not-so-spa-worthy bathroom.

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Unless you’re going full reno, you probably have little control over the tiles on your bathroom floor, the shape of your tub or the color of your shower. But you can control pretty much everything else.

You can get a luxurious bath mat your toes can sink into every time you step out of the shower. You can line your tub in candles or crystals to create an incredibly relaxing environment. And sunlight permitting, you can fill the room with plants that will make your day feel a little brighter every time you go to check your makeup or fix your hair.

Bathrooms don’t have to be dim, gross places we eschew at all costs. They can be beautiful oases that help us wind down in moments of stress.

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Ahead, you’ll find 21 of the dreamiest, most wonderful spa bathrooms I’ve ever laid eyes on. Because you’ll want to do a little research before setting out to redecorate your space. And even if you’re not convinced it’s time to spa-ify your bathroom just yet, you can spare a few minutes to drool over these incredibly stunning bathrooms.

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