K. Michelle Claps Back at Fan Who Says She Bleached Her Skin

K. Michelle Claps Back at Fan Who Says She Bleached Her Skin


K. Michelle seems to be looking for a fight these days. The singer isn’t here for anyone questioning her self love.  Just one day after the singer clapped back at two Arizona Cardinals players for their disparaging remarks about dark-skinned women, she took to Instagram to put one of her followers on blast over a comment left on one of her selfies.

Michelle posted a pretty standard picture of herself and it was all love until a fan assumed a bit too much. “You are a beautiful black women. Please stop bleaching your skin..#NoShade,” wrote the follower.

The singer didn’t take someone questioning her self love too well.  “Bi*** shut the f*** up talking to me,” she wrote back. “I’m so damn sick of you ignorant f***s…You dum hoes sit online all f******* day like some loser and become so delusional that you really think you know a person. You don’t know me! It’s so f******* annoying. I have never f***** bleached my skin and you dum hoes gone quit playing wit me.”



Other commenters following the post mostly jumped to Michelle’s defense, but some asserted that while she may have not bleached her skin, the photo does look like she is wearing lightening makeup. Just as bad, they claim.

We think this one calls for the chorus on K. Michelle’s single ‘Kiss My Ass’. A song she wrote for Mimi from ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’.

Watch the full video of ‘Kiss my Ass’ below.

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