How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How important it is to clean your brushes?

Extremely important!  Just imagine your hair not being able to wash it every day and you’re always out on the street it accumulates all those dirt.  Same goes with your brushes.  Even painters clean their brushes.  And besides, it’s hygiene!

What you will need:

1. Antibacterial Dishwashing Soap

2.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. Plate


Now Let’s begin:

Step 1.

Pour enough amount of dishwashing liquid and olive oil to the plate

Step 2.

Start with any of your brushes then stir it in a circular motion on your olive oil and dishwashing soap mixture.

Step 3.

Wipe the brush on palm on a back and forth motion.  (This is how painters clean their brushes) This will help remove all pigments and kill the bacteria.  Leave the brush on a paper towel.  (Do 1-3 procedures to the rest of your brushes).

 Step 4.

Now time to wash those brushes. Wash the brushes on warm water doing the same circular motion as with the olive oil and dishwashing soap solution.

Step 5.

And you’re almost done! Time to squeeze out until the water is clear. Do the same to all brushes.

 Step 6.

Wipe the brushes dry with a paper towel.  Dry them standing up to remove the excess water.

Step 7.

Finally, store your brushes with brush guard.



  1. Antibacterial Dishwashing Soap – it removes oil, dirt and kills bacteria.
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil will prevent them from drying out.
  3. No hot water on washing the brushes as it will dry them.
  4. When storing do not put it on a standing position as the excess water will move down to glue that is holding the brushes and by that, the hair will fall out slowly and soon will ruin the brushes.
  5. Brush guard will not only keep your brushes away from dirt but also will preserve the shape of your brushes.


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Originally posted on August 22, 2014 @ 6:54 PM

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