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D+K Renewal Is a Game Changer for Anyone Looking for Bohemian Decor

D+K Renewal Is a Game Changer for Anyone Looking for Bohemian Decor

I was in college when I first discovered the title of my home decor aesthetic: industrial bohemian—at least, that’s what Pinterest told me. My dream home featured some combination of exposed-brick walls and incredibly cozy printed pillows—the city girl’s equivalent of a hygge -filled existence.

Once I had the title, I assumed the rest of my home decor concerns would, magically, fall into place. Surely, armed with the knowledge of who I was as a decorator, I would have little trouble finding furniture, art and decor that suited both my needs and my home.

False. Bohemian decor—good, versatile, high-quality bohemian decor—is surprisingly rare. And stocking up on necessities (and desires) remained a serious challenge for me until I found D+K Renewal .

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D+K Renewal is an online store run by Dawnelle and Kirsten, two women with incredible taste in interiors. The pair collects and creates stunning pillows, blankets, rugs and more—and then sells them online for generally reasonable prices.

Even better: Dawnelle and Kirsten use Instagram as a way to show shoppers how to take the D+K Renewal pieces they’ve purchased and work them into a home.

Combining printed pillows , printed blankets and printed rugs is a serious challenge if you care about your space looking well-balanced (read: not haphazard or messy), but Dawnelle and Kirsten have mastered the art of doing so. I find myself bookmarking post after post—because they’re both so beautiful and so genuinely helpful.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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Ahead, you’ll find 23 D+K Renewal pieces that are sure to inject some much-needed bright bohemian energy into any space. The best part: They all pair well together, so consider this your excuse to shop as many pieces as you damn well please.

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