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Animal Decor Is the Delightful Home Trend No One Asked For

Some facet of traditional adulthood typically involves getting a pet . I’ve yet to reach this stage—mostly because one of my roommates is allergic to cats (my animal of choice) and because my boyfriend seems to think an animal “needs to be able to kill you” to be worth having.

Those of us who don’t yet (or can’t ever) have pets, though, can take solace in a strangely delightful new home decor trend: animal decor. And, no, I don’t mean mere leopard-print pillows —I’m talking full-on leopard figurine table lamps.

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I’m not sure who first decided home interiors should resemble zoos, safaris or other wildlife-centric environments. But someone did, and the decision stuck. Now, all kinds of retailers (namely, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie ) have stocked their home departments with mirrors that look like curled-up snakes, vases that look like lions and candle holders that look like dogs.

I assumed this story would be a hard one to shop for. But the home decor scene is, in fact, so thoroughly pervaded with animal-inspired stuff that I found nearly a hundred worthy items and had to cut way back during the editing process.

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Perhaps you’re charmed by this fun little fad, or perhaps you find it kitschy in a not-so-cute way. Regardless, you can’t make a sweeping accusation that no animal decor is cute; there’s simply too much of it for it to all be bad. Engage with it for a few minutes, and you might find it surprisingly chic—a whimsical addition to any home or apartment in need of a little rejuvenation.

Ahead, you’ll find the 37 pieces of animal decor that made the cut—and maybe you’ll find a piece (or two) worth adding to your own home.

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