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33 Very Chic Ways to Decorate with Tropical Wallpaper

Few things have excited me more than the moment tropical print clothing entered the 2018 zeitgeist. To me, tropical prints embody the best of fashion: They’re completely fun and a little bit ugly—a perfect candidate for a sartorial upgrade.

Though I could wax poetic about the beauty of tropical prints for hours, I’m not the only one with a tropical print obsession. Our friends at Pinterest let us know social media users are saving photos of tropical print clothing 182 percent more frequently this year than the were last year.

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Interestingly, this minor obsession has crept into other realms, as well. Pinners are saving photos of tropical print wallpaper 46 percent more frequently than they were last year.

I think it’s time we accept the obvious: This is tropical print’s world now—we’re just living in it.

I’ll admit, I knew little about tropical wallpaper before I was tipped off to this news. But now that I have been (have subsequently spent a full three hours digging myself into and out of a tropical wallpaper rabbit hole), I’m completely on board.

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I feel like wallpaper’s gone a bit out of fashion these days, what with our focus on minimalist decor . But there’s really no easier way to brighten up a space than with a little statement wallpaper.

And before you write tropical prints off as “tacky,” “loud” or “inappropriate for the home,” flip through our slideshow. In just 33 photos (who knows—maybe even fewer) we’ll convince you tropical wallpapers can be completely elegant—it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your space.

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