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31 Shiny Things That Will Turn Your Life into an Iridescent Dreamscape

It doesn’t matter whether I’m looking at an iridescent skirt, an iridescent shoe, or a piece of iridescent party decor, I’m always charmed. Iridescent stuff somehow looks playful, sleek, and edgy at the same time—so much so that it’s almost perplexing. As a sucker for bold prints with crisp lines, some luminous, metallic thing should hardly catch my eye—let alone impress me. So why am I so consistently drawn to iridescent stuff?

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My theory: Within the iridescent trend lies a beautiful marriage of some of the best cultural style moments from years past—without any of the stuff that made those trends shitty in their hey-day.

Think about it. With iridescence, you can get the shine of sparkles without the mess of actual glitter. You get the colorful fun of the unicorn movement without actually having to say the word “unicorn.” And you get all the whimsy of that fairy fashion thing that happened a few years ago—without having to feel like a child or storybook character.

Plus, iridescent stuff is just so damn pretty.

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Here, you’ll find 31 absolutely dreamy iridescent things, like purses, jewelry dishes, earrings, and more. Even if you’re not trying to infuse your wardrobe (or apartment) with iridescence, you’ll still be able to enjoy our slideshow; you don’t have to buy iridescent stuff to have fun staring at it.

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