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23 Printed Blankets That Are Equal Parts Cool and Cozy

The hygge revolution of 2016 and 2017 brought with it a deluge of blankets . Comfy chenilles, fluffy fleeces and verifiably soft cottons invaded our bedrooms, offering us the chance to cozy up in the most luxurious way possible: propped up on a bed of pillows and surrounded by plush textiles. (The warm cups of tea we sipped while doing so didn’t hurt, either.)

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But hygge celebrated a kind of minimalism that restricted our plethora of blankets to a muted palette of grays, mauves and whites.

Now that we’re moving away from one Scandinavian concept (hygge) and toward another (lagom), we’re hoping to strike a better balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal. (After all, lagom is about finding that space between Mama Bear’s “too cold” and Papa Bear’s “too hot”—embracing, instead, the “just right.”)

If our throw pillows can be simultaneously colorful, patterned and cozy, why can’t our throw blankets be the same?

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Since printed blankets are surprisingly hard to come by, we’ve gone ahead and sourced 23 of our favorites. The following blankets would make striking graphic additions to any simple couch, but they’ll also keep you warm and comfy the next time you feel like snuggling up the hygge lagom way.

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