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17 Very Cute Bath Mats That Will Convince You to Upgrade Yours Immediately

I’m a big proponent of bathroom decor . The bathroom is one of the first rooms you visit when you wake up, one of the last places you go before falling asleep, and depending on your cooking habits , you might end up spending more time in there than in your kitchen. All this is to say: Bathrooms are inevitable, so you might as well make yours cute.

Shower curtains are a great (and obvious) place to start. It’s easy to find a statement curtain in a bright, bold print—one that makes your bathroom feel homier and less like a cave you want to avoid at all costs. But once you’ve taken that step, where to next?

Easy: Find a genuinely cute bath mat.

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Anyone who’s ever slipped stepping out of the shower knows a bath mat is an absolute necessity. But just because something’s necessary doesn’t mean it can’t be cute. (I mean, that’s the entire point I was making earlier about bathroom decor, right?)

Thankfully, there are tons—and I mean tons—of cute bath mats on the market. Right now, my roommates and I have two that we swap out every few weeks. (What? Bath mats need to be washed, too.) Both go great with our printed blue shower curtain, and they’ll pair just as well with some Etsy prints we’ve had our eyes on.

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Flip through the below slideshow to see 17 of the cutest bath mats we’ve found (and, yes, both of my bath mats are included). Whether you’re looking for a statement mat that’ll brighten up your space or something more minimal to complement your bold shower curtain, you’re sure to find it right here.

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